Concept To Reality: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review

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You’ve probably heard a lot about the Samsung Galaxy Edge lately. But what makes this new Galaxy phone different than anything else out there on the market right now?

You’re in luck because I’m about to break it down and tell you why the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is so freakin’ awesome!

Influences From Concept Phones

A stylus….really?

While this may seem like a step back, feature-wise, it’s actually a handy  tool.

 The S Pen (as it is called) really does provide more pinpointed cursor movement very much like a traditional computer mouse. The Note 4 made a point to utilize this feature and it has proved to be useful enough that Samsung included it in the design of the Galaxy Note Edge.

In addition to utilizing key features of past models, Samsung has been taking ideas from concept phones. They are exploring certain features that might prove to be helpful for users, and actually implementing theminto their designs.

If you haven’t had the chance to see how the evolution of cell phones has changed since they first came out to the general public, it’s worth a look. One cool thing you’ll notice is that phones evolve to suit the needs of the consumers.

We actually have the power to drive what developers integrate into their designs! How rad is that?

What’s Next?

So what have developers been doing lately to anticipate what future phone users will need? That is where the Note 4, Edge, S6, and S6 Edge come into the picture.

The developers for these phones have started including minor design changes that may or may not catch on. Only time and consumer response will tell.

This creates a win/win scenario as the folks who want the newest designs are privy to some of the best concept ideas for future phones, and the developers of these phones get instant reviews and responses from their customers so that they can continue developing newer and better designs.

Bringing Concepts To Life

The specific design change with the Edge was the curved glass. This is a concept that Samsung has been working on lately, marketing different kinds of curves, including a concave design and curved edges.

Samsung is focusing on curving the phone edges down and out to create the illusion that the screen is larger than it appears. This seems to be a key feature they’re working with,  as the new S6 Edge has a smaller screen than it’s bigger cousin, the Edge, and has two curved sides instead of one.

Unique Features

 One thing that is unique to the Edge is the side window associated with the edge screen. This smaller screen has a handful of incredibly useful tools that could only get better as more software is added through 3rd party developers. These tools and panels include a ruler, a twitter ticker, games, and a handful of useful Google updates like weather and stocks.

This side screen, although indistinguishable from the main screen, acts as it’s own window (similar to the Note 4’s previous multi-tasker window). It doesn’t interface with any other window or apps open on the device, unless it will enhance the experience.

For example, when you are watching a video on your big, beautiful phablet screen, you will be able to play, pause, and rewind using the Edge screen, so the buttons never cover the actually video. It will also show if you have an incoming call, so you never have to leave what you’re watching to take a call.

There’s a lot of talk about the night clock mode feature on the Edge, but let’s be honest. The coolest little tricks that this phone does is that it can recognize your doorbell or your child crying. You can literally set it to recognize a specific cry.

Looking Ahead

Developers have taken the time to realize that the multi-tasking millenials that are now the target market for consumer electronics are going to need something more than just a phone or a smartphone. They will need a product that allows them to quickly and easily access any of their online life at any given moment.

What will this mean for the next evolution of handheld devices? What we hope is that companies like Samsung will continue to think outside the box, continue experimenting, and continue to be innovative.

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