Charging on the Go – New Trent 5000mAH Battery Pack

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One of the things that bring anxiety to people nowadays is that infamous beep that reminds one that their indispensible mode of communication is in its last breath. In other words, your mobile phone is dying. The anxiety rises even further when you find yourself with a dead car battery at the side of the road in the middle of the monsoon when the beep of death arrives. You then begin to blame yourself for not charging that phone before you left.

What if, you didn’t need to charge your phone before leaving? To be more precise, you don’t need to have to worry about charging before leaving for a long trip without a power socket nearby? This is New Trent’s promise with their 5000mAH USB battery pack. The battery pack itself is the same size as a portable USB hard drive with pretty much the same weight as well. It has only one button and three LED lights indicating the level of charge it has.

Speaking of the charge, the charging time of the battery pack from empty takes roughly 10 hours via USB connected to a PC.

It will have a faster charging rate if you have a USB adaptor that plugs in straight to the power socket.

I had the unit for a week to play with and after charging it overnight; I placed it in my laptop bag and set off. With that last sentence, you might think that I would intend to use it to charge the laptop. As tempting as that sound, there is no way to plug the battery pack to the laptop and USB power is substantially insufficient to transfer power. I used the battery pack to charge my mobile phone and music player.

There are two USB ports and one miniUSB port. All three ports are clearly marked with the miniUSB port as IN to charge the battery pack itself while one USB port has a 1A charge for the Apple iPad and the other with 500mA charge for all the rest of your gadgets.

The front of the pack has three LED lights to indicate the capacity left on the New Trent battery pack. Pressing the button showed the level of charge the battery pack has left. I tested the battery pack with the Galaxy Ace that we had for review from Samsung at the same time as the New Trent. I first plugged the Android phone in and noticed that the phone was charging. I left it for a couple of hours for the battery pack to do its work.

After a couple of hours, I checked on the phone and noticed something a bit strange. The phone was maintaining its battery level and not actually charging the battery. I then noticed that the battery indicator on the phone was not saying that the phone was charging. This prompted a reading of the manual and found out that the same button that indicates the charge of the pack is also an ON/OFF button that turn on the pack and start charging.

I tried to charge the phone again having actually read the manual and the New Trent battery pack worked as advertised. This time, after around three hours, the phone was indicating that almost full charge with around 45mins to one hour before the phone beeped full charge. I got to three full charging of my phone using the New Trent battery pack before I needed to charge the pack itself. This is a good thing for someone who is constantly travelling especially to places where a good power socket is difficult to find.

Along with the battery pack is one cable that is modular with one end with a USB plug and the other end that can either be switched from a miniUSB or microUSB plugs.

One thing that does not come with the package is an USB Plug Adaptor. I think New Trent assumes that with all your USB gadgets you have at least one adaptor that will take USB. So if you don’t have one, make sure that you get one when you purchase the New Trent Battery Pack.

I personally make it a point to charge my phone before I go to bed so that the next morning, all I have to do is unplug my phone before I leave to where I need to go. On the other hand, there are some devices such as my music player that I constantly forget to charge and bemoan the lack of entertainment when I’m out and about. I also know quite a few people that always complain or make excuses that their mobile died in the most inopportune occasions. The New Trent 5000mAH battery pack is a godsend and because of the small form factor, is easy to tote around and the price of PhP1,990 is definitely something in everyone’s bag.

  • Plus: Small form factor, Affordable price
  • Minus: No USB adaptor included
  • Bottomline: Something that no one, especially those that complain about the battery life of their gadgets should be without.


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