56K Dialup ISP / High Speed Dialup ISP

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PeoplePC Accelerated

  • Unlimited internet access
  • Accelerated technology increases speed by up to 5X
  • Smart dialer technology (dial the available access number automatically)
  • Internet call waiting (see who is calling while you are online
  • Virus protection, pop-up blocker
  • 4 email accounts with a email storage of 100 Mb
  • $5.47/m for 3 months, then $10.95/m


  • Unlimited dial-up access in over 3,400 locations across the U.S. and Canada
  • Increases browsing speeds by up to 7 times
  • Up to 10 ISP.com e-mail addresses
  • E-mail spam and virus protection, Pop-up blocker
  • MyISP.com home page
  • FREE Wi-Fi access (nationwide HOTSPOTZZ Wi-Fi network free of charge
  • $12.95/m


  • color:black”>200 hr internet access per month
  • Access numbers across USA and Canada
  • Accelerated technology increases browsing speed by up to 6 times
  • Pop-up blocker
  • $14.95/m, first month $9.95.


  • Unlimited dial-up access
  • Thousands of access numbers
  • Virus, spam, spyware, pop-up blocker
  • Surf up to 5X faster than standard Dial-Up with EarthLink Accelerator®
  • $9.95/m for 3 months, then $21.95/m


  • Unlimited access to AOL and the Internet
  • Unlimited use of AOL 9.0® optimized tools
  • Fast Web surfing with AOL TopSpeed™ technology
  • International access numbers
  • Exclusive premium content – movie/video games/music previews, channels for families and kids, and much, much more
  • $25.90/m

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